Friday, June 29, 2007

Newspaper Interview

I took my daughter, Marissa up to the newspaper office yesterday because they wanted to do an interview on her! The interview was about her writing back and forth to a American soldier in Iraq. It started back in December 2006 when Marissa and I made over 60 Christmas cards to be sent over to the soldiers in Iraq. We put our return addresses on them. I heard back from two once but not since. Marissa has been writing back and forth with this soldier that got one of her cards. He sent her a package a couple of weeks ago with all the goodies she's holding plus the t-shirt she's wearing. She thinks it's so cool! We have a goodie package all ready to be mailed out to him as soon as she finishes her letter. Oh and Erik is going to start writing to him too.

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Frankies Life said...

now she is adorable, what a great thing to get her started at doing.
She will be a special gift to many soldiers who never get mail.